Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia (PNC)

Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia (PNC) is a French based non-profit organisation that started in 2006. PNC focuses on helping highly disadvantaged youths have access to education and technical and vocation training in the field of Information Technology.
In 2009, ANZ Royal and PNC started our journey together towards building a strong employability which will allow the students and their families to sustainably escape poverty, and contribute to the social and economic development the countries.
For more information, please visit: Passerelles Numeriques Cambodia.

Partnership Milestone
Date Title

Start of ANZ Royal and PNC partnership.

PNC first study visit to ANZ Royal.


PNC IT staff performed the cleaning of 300 ANZ Royal computer hard disks for further donation.

ANZ Royal donated 50 computers for the school.

The main sponsor of PNC solidarity event to raise funds “Les Relaisde la Solidarité” (500 students participated).


Took a student, for a 6 month internship, and recruited him as IT staff.

Donated 100 helmets, a library and books.

2012 Recruited another student as a Web Developer.

ANZ Royal was the gold partner for the 1st PNC Charity Gala Dinner.

Co-organised the community awareness event “Ride and Pick Up”.

2015 Offered 10 PNC students’ partial scholarships.