The Business Plan Contest

In our drive for sustainability since 2010, ANZ Royal introduced a Business Plan Contest to get youths into the business mindset and have the opportunity to run a business. With a modest startup capital, participants are challenged to make wise investment choices and carefully budget as they are expected to generate as much profit as possible by the end of the 8-week challenge.
We aim to create this kind of business exposure to gives the students the practice and confidence to build and develop sustainable small businesses to support themselves and others in the future.
In the latest round, ANZ Royal funded 20 groups of students from a non-profit organisation in their first and second year to run their own small business, with ideas from simple products like street food to recycled souvenirs to intermediary distribution services. With a seed budget of $20 per team, one of the winning team was able to make over 17 times the given budget. Now half said they want to continue their business after the competition.